Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Attention All Stewards
The 2016 year is fast coming to a close and I just wanted to take a moment and say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all of you who have supported the Stewards this past year and may this holiday season find you with family and friends to share the joy.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the great things that you have helped the Stewards accomplish in 2016.

The Stewards, yes that’s all of you in partnership with the Sierra National Forest have completed the following maintenance activities on Forest Service system roads and trails including brush removal, drainage cleaning, removal of downed trees, repair and installation of road signs, road condition surveys, trash and debris removal.

All of your hard work was focused on roads and trails that we received input from you that you like to use and provide popular OHV riding opportunities and are critical to connecting OHV riding areas.  These roads and trails provide access to dispersed camping and recreational destination points.  Completed project activities have improved OHV access by removing brush, increased water quality by repairing drainage structures, improved signage and enhanced the OHV riding experience in your Sierra National Forest.

The Stewards have contributed 7,213 hours of volunteer labor and community service and provided a volunteer labor matching fund of $197,257.00 This included all of the time invested by you the Stewards who performed work in the Sierra National Forest as well as community service projects. 

We were very busy in 2016 and put on numerous large events.  We had our 6th Annual Miami Trails Appreciation Day in April, our 4th Annual Whiskey Falls Trail Appreciation Day in June, our 7th Annual Membership Drive in July.  We also helped out at the 2016 Cycle World Adventure Rally held in September, and helped the 4x4 Him 4-Wheel Drive Club with their 5th Annual Run Thru the Valley Toy and Wagon Drive to benefit kids at Valley Children’s Hospital in November.  The Stewards were able to get 61 wagons donated with a value of $10,675.00 to help transport kids around the hospital. 

Here is a list of the roads, trails and maintenance activities that each and every one of you this year helped to volunteer your time and efforts on to help make the forest a better place for all to enjoy.  The roads and trails maintained were located in the Greys Mountain, Fresno Dome, Gaggs Camp, Texas Flat, Iron Lakes, Whiskey Falls, Sivils Ranch and the Star Lakes areas and many other routes within the forest were also maintained

Forest Roads:
3S02, 4S04, 4S17, 4S22, 4S39, 4S55, 4S70, 5S02, 5S07, 5S09B, 5S12, 5S12A, 5S12X, 5S16, 5S16A, 5S18, 5S20X, 5S20Y, 5S40X, 5S56, 5S62, 5S63, 5S85, 5S90, 5S95, 5S95X, 6S09, 6S11, 6S11A, 6S11C, 6S14, 6S14A, 6S15, 6S15D, 6S17, 6S24, 6S24A, 6S24X, 6S41, 6S59, 6S63, 6S68, 6S72, 7S02, 7S04, 7S06, 7S07, 7S07J, 7S08, 7S08B, 7S34, 7S37, 7S43Y, 7S68, 7S76, 7S83, 7S88, 7S93A, 7S508, 8S09, 8S09C, 8S26, 8S26D, 8S28, 8S65B, 8S70, 9S09.

Motorized Trails:
MMTB, 19E200, 19E224, 21E202, 21E227A, 21E231, 21E236, 21E237, 21E239, 21E240A, 21E240B, 21E244, 21E245, 21E246, 21E247, 21E251, 21E252, 21E254, 21E365, 21E366, 22E255, 22E271, 21E277, 23E283, 23E284, 23E285, 23E291, 23E292, 23E294, 23E298, 23E299, 23E297, 23E356.  

Completed Work:
Performed 13.9 miles of brushing to allow for better access.
Removal of 253 downed trees.
Cleaned and repaired 170 water drainage structures.
Cleaned 17 culverts.
Repaired 63 water bars.
Cleaned 23 leadoff ditches.
Picked up debris and trash filling 225 trash bags.
Removed 62 road hazards.
Installed 39 Route Markers.
Installed 7 combined use directional signs.
Installed 5 safety signs.
Cleaned 6 road and motorized trail bridge decks.
Armored 6 stream approaches.
Installed 95 cubic yards of rock riprap and aggregate base rock.
Performed 225 miles of road and trial condition surveys.

Volunteer Training Completed:
Trail maintenance Procedures.
Forest Service Radio Use.   
Chainsaw Use Certification.
First Aid/CPR.

This year Stewards were also able to purchase a Bobcat E32 Excavator and T450 Skid Steer Loader with assorted attachments to help improve our efficiency and get more roads and trails in shape for you and your families’ enjoyment.

I would like to take this time to Thank every one of you who have contributed your time and resources to making the Stewards the great organization we are today and look forward to meeting each and every one of you in the Sierra National Forest this coming year.

Mike Wubbels
Executive Director
Stewards of the Sierra National Forest
P.O. Box 601
North fork Ca. 93643
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