7th Annual Membership Drive Registration

7th Annual Membership Drive, BBQ, Adventure Bike, Dual Sport Raffle Swag

Jun 06 2016

4th Annual Whiskey Falls Trail Day a Huge Success

4th Annual Whiskey Falls
Trail Appreciation Day
Iron Telephone Staging Area
Saturday June 4, 2016

Well if you were on the valley floor on Saturday June 4, 2016 you know it was HOT HOT HOT, but if you were at our 4th Annual Whiskey Falls Trail Appreciation Day above North Fork California it was a pleasant 81° with a slight breeze.  The weather and conditions in the forest just could not have been any better and a good time was had by all who attended.  We had over 80 people show up for a cleanup of the area and a great BBQ and free raffle afterwards.

Our mission for the day was to have a lot of fun driving, and riding around the area and do some light maintenance on the road and trail system and remove as much of the unsightly trash left lying around.  The Stewards of the Sierra provided all of the tools and supplies necessary to accomplish this great day of giving back to the forest and helping to improve and keep your OHV areas clean and open.  At the end of the day the Stewards hosted a free BBQ lunch and our sponsors hosted a free table full of swag we gave away. 

I want to take a minute and Thank everyone who came out and made this a great event and showed their support to help keep the Sierra National Forest open and in shape for all to use.  A special Thank You goes out to everyone who helped setup and tear down and the girls who ran our Registration Table and our cooks who made an AWESOME BBQ Lunch for everyone to enjoy at the end of the day.

The Stewards collected a pickup load full of thrash that was left lying around the forest and hauled it off to the dump.  A BIG Thank You to Summer for hauling it to the North Fork transfer station and getting rid of it.  Way to go girl. 

Also a BIG THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors Mike at 4 Wheel Parts, Joe at Clawson’s Motor Sports, Jacob at Cycle Gear, Bob at Madera Honda Suzuki, Kyle at Motion Pro, Craig at SRT, Dawn at Wicked Good Snacks, and Gary at Wilsons Motorcycles.  These are the sponsors who tirelessly give and provide the Swag to make our raffle tables a huge success for everyone in attendance.  Everyone who came out to the event left with something from the raffle table and a smile on their face.  Please make it a point to visit every one of our sponsors and personally THANK them for the support they give the Stewards.  Without their help we would not be the successful organization we are today.

Also a big Thank You to Dean Gould Forest Supervisor, Denise Tolmie Bass Lake District Ranger, Linda McPhail and Ted Webb OHV Planers for the help they provide by having bathrooms available at the event and the crews that were present to lend a hand.

If you missed the last two events we have put on please keep your eyes and ears open for information on upcoming events.  Our next event will be our 7th Annual Membership Drive, BBQ Fundraiser, Adventure Bike & Dual Sport Ride set for July 15,16,17, 2016 hosted from the Oakhurst Elks Lodge above Oakhurst California.  For more Information and Registration go to www.sotsnf.org or (Click Here).

I am personally looking forward to seeing and talking to each and every one of you at our next event.  Till then have a safe summer and get out and enjoy the forest.



Jun 05 2016

Fire Season Has Begun Early


Stanislaus National Forest

Stanislaus National Forest

Fire Season!

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has issued some dire warnings for the 2016 fire season. He specifically mentioned the Southwest and California. He said that California alone has more than 40 million dead trees, 29 million of which died just last year. Given that the drought has lasted more than five years, the threat of a major conflagration is very serious.

Last year, the Forest Service devoted 52% of its budget for firefighting efforts. The House Appropriations Committee has increased that percentage to 55% for FY17 to the tune of $2.9 billion. It’s mind-boggling that the agency has to devote more than half of its budget to firefighting rather than to the cultivation and management of our national forests.

To its credit, the Obama Administration continues to advocate for the creation of a disaster fund to cover the cost of major national fires, but the Congress has yet to reach a consensus on this approach. This means that other Forest Service programs, like recreation, will be subjected to seizure (they call it borrowing) when the Forest Service firefighting coffers run dry. There has to be a better way.

May 23 2016

Memorial Day Camp Ground & Road Closures


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 Supervisors Office

 Sierra National Forest

 1600 Tollhouse Rd. 

 Clovis, CA  93611


News Release

Media Contact: Iveth Hernandez

(559) 297-0706 ext. 4804

Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Gearing up for Memorial Day


CLOVIS, Calif., May 20, 2016 – Memorial Day is next week, and due to the unprecedented number of hazard trees present and the associated risk to the public, the Sierra National Forest (SNF) will delay the opening of a number of campgrounds.  Keeping things in perspective, forces have been working virtually non-stop since last fall on this problem, and the majority of the campgrounds on the Forest will open on schedule this summer season.  Every effort was made to have those campgrounds which typically open on Memorial Day weekend to meet that schedule.  Due to the extremely large volume of tree mortality particularly in the 3000-6500 ft. elevation range however, not all have been treated in time for public use this upcoming holiday weekend. 

The response has truly been a team effort, with the USFS, state, county, tribal community, homeowners and industry all responding together to address the issue in and around the Sierra National Forest. We will be working continuously on these, adjacent roads, trails and fuel breaks throughout the entire season to reduce the risk to public safety.

 The following campgrounds which normally open for Memorial Day, will not be available; 

  Bass Lake Ranger District


  • Whishon Point Campground
  • Fish Creek Campground
  • Lakeside Picnic/Amphitheater
  • Recreation Point Camp/Picnic
  • Spring Cove Campground
  • Crane Valley Group Campground
  • Little Denver Church
  • Pine Slope
  • Jerseydale Campground
  • Rock Creek Campground
  • Placer Campground
  • Mammoth Pool Campground

 High Sierra Ranger District


  • Dorabelle Campground
  • Gigantea Campground

Ross Cabin is a historical site that is located approximately 300 ft. off of Forest Road 4S81. This site is surrounded with dead trees that are a hazard to the public and is also closed. Other campgrounds are still available and can be reserved at www.recreation.gov. For more information on the current status of the SNF, please contact your local ranger station.

Forest restoration is occurring throughout the forest and on several roads, which are subject to heavy equipment traffic. All of the following roads should be traveled on with caution.


  • 07S011X From County Rd 426 To End
  • 07S086 From County Rd 222 To County Rd 222 (It’s a loop road)
  • 07S062Y From County Rd 222 To The End
  • 07S023 From County Rd 223 To The End

 Due to road segment 07S024 From County Rd 426 to the junction of 07S022IA, being only one lane in a sloped area, also with heavy equipment traffic, its public access with be restricted into July.

 Included in this release is a poster for the widest distribution possible. The conditions on the Forest require a keen awareness of your surroundings, and assuming no unnecessary risk. A formal closure order will follow to document content of this release. 


Follow the Sierra National Forest on Twitter at www.twitter.com/SierraNF and Like the Sierra National Forest on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/SierraNF.  Visit our website at www.fs.usda.gov/sierra


# # #


USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. To file a complaint of discrimination, write: USDA, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call (866) 632-9992 (Toll-free Customer Service), (800) 877-8339 (Local or Federal relay), (866) 377-8642 (Relay voice users).





























Forest Service Shield

Iveth Hernandez 
Public Affairs Assistant Intern

Forest Service

Sierra National Forest

p: 559-297-0706 x4804 
c: 559-269-2259 
f: 559-294-4809 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1600 Tollhouse Rd.
Clovis, CA 93611
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Caring for the land and serving people










May 02 2016

4th Annual Whiskey Falls Trail Appreciation Day

 4th Annual Whiskey Falls Trail  

Appreciation Day


Iron Telephone Staging Area


           Saturday June 4, 2016              


Well spring has come and gone and we are well on our way into the summer months and the Forest Service has swung most of the locked gates open for the public to start using the forest again for the year.  The conditions in the forest just cannot get any better than they are right now and what a great time to come out and lend a hand to help make the Sierra National Forest a better place. 


 I am sure that everybody has been tinkering with their toys all winter and spring and are just itching to get out and play with them.  So bring out your wife, kids, friends and your favorite 4WD, ATV, JEEP, MOTORCYCLE, SUV, UTV or any other OHV you may have.  Or if you are into FISHING, HUNTING, MOUNTAIN BIKING, ROCK CLIMBING, or just like to use the Sierra National Forest and would like to lend a hand to help us improve the appearance and condition of the roads and trails here in the Sierra National Forest then this is the event for you.


 Please come join the Stewards of the Sierra National Forest and the Bass Lake Ranger District for a fun day of driving, riding, and trail appreciation support in the Whiskey Falls Area located at the intersection of Forest Road 8S09 (Peckinpah Rd) and 7S07 (Fish Creek Rd) for you GPS minded folks ( N 37° 15.449  W 119° 26.931 ) just above North Fork California.  We will meet at the Iron Telephone Staging Area (Green Snow Gate) at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning June 4, 2016 and will split into groups from there.


Our mission for the day is to have a lot of fun driving, and riding around the area and do some light maintenance on the road and trail system and remove as much of the unsightly trash left lying around.  The Stewards of the Sierra will provide all of the tools and supplies necessary to accomplish this great day of giving back to your forest and helping to improve and keep your OHV areas clean and open.  At the end of the day the Stewards will be hosting a FREE BBQ LUNCH WITH YOUR REGISTRATION and our sponsors will be hosting a FREE RAFLE TABLE full of swag.




  So bring a couple of your friends, get your clubs involved and come out and have some fun and make a difference in your forest.  Let’s show the Forest Service just how much we care about our Sierra National Forest and how working together we can keep it open for everybody to enjoy.


 To help us plan and make sure we have enough Drinks, Equipment, and Food please take a moment to REGISTER HERE.  Or go to  www.sotsnf.org and click on the REGISTRATION BANNER to let us know how many of you will be attending.  Or give me a call at 559-977-2482 If you need more information.  Let’s make the 4th Annual Whiskey Falls Trail Appreciation Day a great one and kick off a great summer of fun in the forest. 

Steve Cowdrey 

Trail Boss

Stewards of the Sierra National Forest 

P.O. Box 601 

North Fork Ca. 93643 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Volunteer Trail Group of the Year 

2011/2013 Sierra National Forest 

2011/2013 Region 5 All of California 

2011 USDA/ USFS Nation Wide


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