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Jul 10 2016

History of the OHVMR and the Transformation Teams Recomendations


History of the OHVMR and Transformation 

The Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program was founded in 1971, in response to the need to manage growing demands for off-highway recreation, while at the same time foster respect for private property rights and to protect California's natural and cultural resources. 

The program was created by a cooperative effort between OHV recreationist and conservationist to manage OHV use in California as a separate operating division of the California Department of Parks and Recreation. 

Today, this program is the largest and most successful program of its type in the U.S. The program continues its commitment to provide safe, enjoyable recreation while balancing the need to protect the state's resources. 

Why separate? 

OHV recreation is not confined to California State Parks. In fact, the vast majority of OHV recreation is on Federal Lands. The State Park units (State Vehicular Recreation Areas or SVRAs) were added after the programs creation. Federal and private OHV recreation is ongoing and the program provides oversight and coordinated management to OHV facilities state wide. 

The OHV program has a statute created dedicated funding source. The fund is comprised of SVRA entry fees, vehicle registration fees and a pro rata percentage of the California fuel tax fund. The fuel tax portion is based on a formula similar to the Federal RTP program, and directs those taxes collected from OHVs to areas where OHV use occurs. It is important to note that prior to this system, OHV owners were able to apply for a refund of those same fuel tax monies directly from the state. By statute, the California’s OHV fund is not intended for any other purpose and is subject to California state laws. 

At the creation of the OHV program, conservationist insisted that OHV environmental management be held to a higher standard than non-motorized recreation at OHV facilities. Therefore, policy and best management practices to achieve these requirements need trained experts in environmental management for OHV recreation facilities to uphold state statute. 

The unique OHMVR Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program (Grants Program) provides for managed off-highway vehicle recreation in the State of California by providing financial assistance to cities, counties, districts, federal agencies, state agencies, educational institutions, federally recognized Native American Tribes, and non-profit entities. 

The Grants Program supports multiagency planning, acquisition, development, maintenance, administration, operation, enforcement, restoration, and conservation of trails, trailheads, areas, and other facilities associated with the use of OHVs, and programs involving OHV safety or education. 

This Grants Program requires oversight by specialized OHV grant analysts to assist applicants, provide a forum for public input and audit each grant during its lifecycle to ensure proper use of grant funds to satisfy strict statute requirements. 

What is the Parks Forward Commission and the Transformation Team? 

The Parks Forward Commission (PFC) was appointed in July of 2013, in accordance with the California State Parks Stewardship Act of 2012 and AB 1478, to recommend improvements for ensuring the State Park System's long-term sustainability. The Commission's primary purpose was "to look beyond the immediate crisis and toward a broader vision for California Parks." 

In anticipation of the PFC Report, the California Natural Resources Agency and the new Acting Parks Director commenced a State Parks Transformation process. The Administration assembled a Transformation Team in the fall of 2014. The Team, comprised of State Parks staff, outside entities and professional consultants, developed a tactical Transformation Action Plan. 

The Parks Forward Commission did not find much fault with the OHMVR program during its comprehensive study of California’s Department of Parks and Recreation and did not recommend consolidating the OHMVR program into the troubled DPR operations. 

Is the OHMVR Division properly represented on the Transformation Team? 

No. The Transformation Team is comprised of eight committees with thirty-one initiatives. Even with the California OHMVR Program recognized worldwide as the standard of managed OHV recreation, there is only one OHV division staff member on all of the committees and none in a leadership position. There is also a Transformation Advisory Committee with twenty-three members and only one with OHMVR Program experience. 

What is the Transformation Team recommending for the OHMVR Division? 

The Team’s preliminary recommendation is consolidation within other units of the Department of Parks and Recreation with a stated goal of streamlining processes and reducing duplication between divisions. 

How would consolidation affect the OHMVR Program? 

It would have a drastic effect on the Program. The Grants Program would lose critical oversight by highly trained OHMVR specialists. Environmental and Law Enforcement programs on Federal Lands in many of California’s most pristine landscapes may be imperilled, which could have a significant impact on water quality and wildlife habitat. The Education and Interpretation Program could be scaled back limiting OHV training, youth safety instruction and critical outreach efforts. Operations will be under DPR management that is not qualified to implement the standards set by statute for the OHMVR Program. OHMVR dedicated funds would be intermixed and could be redirected for non-program uses. 

Why would the Transformation Team make such a decision? 

First and foremost, to gain access to the dedicated OHMVR funds on a permanent basis. DPR is historically underfunded and has a tremendous backlog of maintenance. The OHMVR funds have often been borrowed or redirected by the Legislators and Governor’s office with little regard for the program’s legislation. The current proposal for the 2016/2017 Budget redirects 31 million dollars from OHMVR to DPR. This transfer is allowed by an opinion written by California’s Attorney General that could be challenged in a court of law. If the OHMVR Program were consolidated within DPR, the OHMVR funds would be intermingled and used to overcome shortfalls with DPR’s funding. Secondly, the Transformation Team has a complete lack of understanding about the history and scope of the OHMVR Program. A staff filled with career DPR employees, anti-OHV advocates and consultants with no OHMVR Division experience led the Transformation Team down a path to a poor decision and potential disaster for the OHMVR Division and OHV recreationist in California. 

How could the Transformation Team’s recommendations be implemented? 

Only by changing the current statute. It would require passage in the California Assembly and Senate, and then California’s Governor would have to sign the bill. 

How can I oppose these recommendations by the Transformation Team and protect California’s OHMVR  

Send an Email  

Contact State Parks 

Find Your Representative 

For More Information and to help stop this effort to Steal Green Sticker Funds go to:








Jul 10 2016

Public Meeting to Close California's OHV Program


Once again the State of California wants to ELIMANATE THE OHV DIVISION AND TAKE AWAY ALL OF YOUR GREEN STICKER MONEY AND PUT IT INTO THE STATE PARKS SYSTEM.  I think we all know that if this happens it will be the death of the OHV Program here in California and Responsible OHV Recreation as we know it now.  Please find attached below two notices sent out by the State Disguised as harmless meetings.  It is IMPORTANT that every Californian with a OHV attend this meeting to let their voice be heard and that they do not want the California State Parks system to take over the OHV Division.  The State Parks system cannot manage their own parks now and works at a loss while the OHV Division operates and sustains itself.  Please make every attempt to go this meeting and let your voice be heard LOUD AND CLEAR that we do not want the State to take over the most successful OHV program in America and turn it into shambles.  THE ONLY THING THAT THE STATE WANTS TO DO IS BE ABLE STEAL YOUR OHV GREEN STICKER MONEY LEAGALLY AND NOT HAVE TO PAY IT BACK.  REMEMBER THEY HAVE TAKEN YOUR GREEN STICKER MONEY ON MANY OCASSIONS IN THE PAST AND HAVE NOT PAID IT BACK.  THIS IS JUST ANOTHER WAY FOR THEM TO ROB YOUR MONEY AND SHUT DOWN RESPONSIBLE OHV RECREATION IN CALIFORNIA.




The Department of Parks and Recreation serves the public by bringing families and friends together and providing a wide array of recreational opportunities for the benefit and enjoyment of all people while protecting and preserving California's most significant natural and cultural resources. The Department accomplishes this not only through delivering services to 280 parks across the state, but also through programs that support local, regional and national recreation activities.  

The Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) program is a vital program that is recognized across the country as the leader in off-highway vehicle recreation. While the department operates nine State Vehicular Recreation Areas, the vast majority of recreation occurs on other lands supported through this robust program.  

On June 3, 2016, Department Director Lisa Mangat provided an update to the Off-Highway Vehicle Commission and members of the public on the department’s Organizational Structure Opportunities project. At that meeting Director Mangat stated that there would be additional opportunities for public engagement in this process.  

The open house will provide a forum for the public to learn about this Organizational Structure Opportunities project from the Department, and for the Department to hear from the stakeholders. The Members of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission have been invited to attend; the Commission will not be taking any action on any matters at this Open House.  

Open House 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 19, 2016  

Resources Building Auditorium 1416 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814  

Meeting facilities are accessible to people with disabilities. If you need specific accommodations, please contact Vicki Perez at (916) 324-4442.





California Department of Parks and Recreation 


Organizational Structure Opportunities 


Open House 


Tuesday, July 19, 2016 


6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 


Resources Building Auditorium 1416 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 


1. Presentation regarding the Organization Structure Opportunities project 


Director, Lisa Mangat 


2. Public Questions (1) 


3. Public Comment (2) 


4. Adjourn 


(1) The Director will entertain questions from the public on these agenda items. Questions will be read by the moderator and a response will follow. Those individuals wishing to submit questions should fill out the “Public Questions” form and submit it to the recording secretary. 

(2) The Director will entertain public comment on these agenda items. Comments will be limited to three (3) minutes. Those individuals wishing to comment on agenda items should fill out the “Public Comment” form and submit it to the recording secretary.



Jul 10 2016

End of the Trail for Califorina's OHV Program

The End Of The Trail for California’s OHV Program?

The California OHV Motor Vehicle Recreation Division Is In Peril

California’s Department of Parks and Recreation is going through a Transformation Process that is proposing eliminating of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division.

As it now operates under the OHV Motor Vehicle Recreation Division, Californian OHV Parks are the only self-sustaining parks in the state, while all other state parks lose money.  Elimination of the OHVMVRD will result in your Green Sticker fees going into a general fund and the loss or mis-use of the OHV Grant Program.  What does this mean to you? ….Simple, less money, YOUR MONEY, to maintain the California OHV parks and OHV trails on public land, but instead, redirected to whatever the Department of Parks and Recreation see fit.

California’s elected leadership has a long history of misusing our OHV funds.  Loans, Transfers and outright Takes have left the OHV Community weary and the program woefully underfunded.  Think it’s bad now?  With the proposed action, OHV funds for OHV use will just “be gone”.

Don’t let Bureaucrats Destroy the Nation’s Finest OHV Program!  Everyone NEEDS to TAKE ACTION NOW with only a few minutes of your time and let them know this is just not acceptable!

A cliché, yes. but so true…United We Stand – Divided We Fall.


send a pre-generated email…


Need more information?

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Jun 06 2016

4th Annual Whiskey Falls Trail Day a Huge Success

4th Annual Whiskey Falls
Trail Appreciation Day
Iron Telephone Staging Area
Saturday June 4, 2016

Well if you were on the valley floor on Saturday June 4, 2016 you know it was HOT HOT HOT, but if you were at our 4th Annual Whiskey Falls Trail Appreciation Day above North Fork California it was a pleasant 81° with a slight breeze.  The weather and conditions in the forest just could not have been any better and a good time was had by all who attended.  We had over 80 people show up for a cleanup of the area and a great BBQ and free raffle afterwards.

Our mission for the day was to have a lot of fun driving, and riding around the area and do some light maintenance on the road and trail system and remove as much of the unsightly trash left lying around.  The Stewards of the Sierra provided all of the tools and supplies necessary to accomplish this great day of giving back to the forest and helping to improve and keep your OHV areas clean and open.  At the end of the day the Stewards hosted a free BBQ lunch and our sponsors hosted a free table full of swag we gave away. 

I want to take a minute and Thank everyone who came out and made this a great event and showed their support to help keep the Sierra National Forest open and in shape for all to use.  A special Thank You goes out to everyone who helped setup and tear down and the girls who ran our Registration Table and our cooks who made an AWESOME BBQ Lunch for everyone to enjoy at the end of the day.

The Stewards collected a pickup load full of thrash that was left lying around the forest and hauled it off to the dump.  A BIG Thank You to Summer for hauling it to the North Fork transfer station and getting rid of it.  Way to go girl. 

Also a BIG THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors Mike at 4 Wheel Parts, Joe at Clawson’s Motor Sports, Jacob at Cycle Gear, Bob at Madera Honda Suzuki, Kyle at Motion Pro, Craig at SRT, Dawn at Wicked Good Snacks, and Gary at Wilsons Motorcycles.  These are the sponsors who tirelessly give and provide the Swag to make our raffle tables a huge success for everyone in attendance.  Everyone who came out to the event left with something from the raffle table and a smile on their face.  Please make it a point to visit every one of our sponsors and personally THANK them for the support they give the Stewards.  Without their help we would not be the successful organization we are today.

Also a big Thank You to Dean Gould Forest Supervisor, Denise Tolmie Bass Lake District Ranger, Linda McPhail and Ted Webb OHV Planers for the help they provide by having bathrooms available at the event and the crews that were present to lend a hand.

If you missed the last two events we have put on please keep your eyes and ears open for information on upcoming events.  Our next event will be our 7th Annual Membership Drive, BBQ Fundraiser, Adventure Bike & Dual Sport Ride set for July 15,16,17, 2016 hosted from the Oakhurst Elks Lodge above Oakhurst California.  For more Information and Registration go to www.sotsnf.org or (Click Here).

I am personally looking forward to seeing and talking to each and every one of you at our next event.  Till then have a safe summer and get out and enjoy the forest.



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